The Hair Net Lady

“The Hair Net Lady”

I am a Dance mum, Entrepreneur, single mum, part time School Officer, partner and “The Hair Net Lady!”, that just fumbles her way through life! I am the mum, that gets on a plane and the kid in front will push his seat back, and my little bottle of red wine, that I pour and savor the first mouth full, and the rest ends up in my lap! Or the mum that everyone says, “Your a strong woman, you will be fine!” When nobody is looking, I am rocking back and fourth in my bedroom, asking I have this!

Where did it all begin..I started as a Dance mum, when Sienna now 12, at the age of 2 1/2 said mum I want to dance and sing! Six months it went on. Really…as I was a Netballer, through and through. I was taken to my first ballet class in a sleepy town of Victoria when I was 5. I  wasted my mothers money as I think I lasted two lessons. On Sienna’s badgering, off I went to the local prominent  dance school to have a look around, by the time I left after that interview, Sienna was wearing a cute pink tutu and leotard and we were enrolled. The $150 term fees, were cheap! I can do this…

We will come back to all the trials and tribulations of being a “Dance Mum”, in future blogs! What no body told me at that time, my recreational dancer will into the future cost $6,000- $8,000 a year. Depending on if Double up year, Ballet, Tap and Jazz Exams and  don’t forget Eisteddfod Season.

In 2012, I had a very big change in my marital status, to put it very lightly. The one thing that kept Sienna going through this period was Dance. My youngest daughter Kyra, who now is 11, hated dance, she did do it for 2 years, but got out very early. She is happy to go watch, sit off stage, whatever as long as she doesn’t have to do it.

In September 2013, I had a $1000, that’s it! So I decided to make the most of this investment. I come up with a business name “KySienn”, both daughters names, if you have not worked that out already. I bought jewelry, and doubled my cash.  On my journey in December 2013, I come across a “Hairnet” sold to 30 friends, 30 more found out. So I started preparing myself to start selling these Hairnets! Everyone thought I was mad! How could you possible make money out of a “Hairnet”. In time I was to prove all those people wrong! In April 2014, I advertised on a Dance Facebook page, that night I received 200 orders, and a lot of those people are still following me today. I can never have enough thanks for those supporters and my two dear friends Rhondell and Leigh that would turn up every week to count, pack and sort “Hairnets” or they just turned up to make sure I was pushing forward!

About me…my journey over the last 5 years, has been unbelievable at the most! When something terrible happens in your life, and you think that personally you never will recover. How do I do this? Is life ever going to be the same again! Any single mother out there will understand what I am saying, but being a mother we live with all this guilt. From working two jobs and 7 days and trying to juggle all the balls in the air. All with a smile for anyone looking….

So how do I go now working in the Dance Industry! Do I I have some mums green with envy, as the terrible dance mother, that is terrible with hair, sewing costumes and just getting dates and times right, is now selling hair products to mums all over Australia! God yes! Am I the talk of the my daughters Dance Studio, god yes! Do mums try and put Studio owner up against me and vice vercer! Yes!!That is the trials and tribulations of having your own business. There is always someone that will want to pull you down.

I have just learned over the last 3 years, I don’t really care. The most important thing to me is that I am true to my children, my friends and family and most of all to my clients, as you all help me put food on table. I can sell ice to an Eskimo, I was given that gift, from my Italian father. To have respect, integrity and to work hard, and to pass that onto my children is very important to me. To be able to not just sell a product, anyone can do that, but to be truthful and give my clients the same sort of customer service I would like.  I believe in building the foundations of KySienn, on having only the best, with the best intentions, and some old fashioned customer service!

2017 has offered me a whole range of opportunities, I have met some of the most amazing people in the dance industry, I get to form relationships not just with my customers, but Shops and Dance schools, that get to carry KySienn name with pride. I have an amazing mentor within this industry, who has become a good friend. My dance friends, still support me. My kids get in and help when help is needed. I am lucky in love…and from here it can only keep going the right way and that is up….

I can never be grateful enough to the opportunities that have now come my way from such a life changing event! Who would ever of thought, in a million years my life would start at 40!!

“Happy Dancing!” from the “The Hair Net Lady!”.

The Hair Net Lady

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