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KySienn Wholesale

As a Dance stockist, you know that selling the very best Dancewear products to your customers isn’t just about what looks best. Like the dancers themselves, it’s also about going the distance. Your customers want durability, long-term wear and value for money. Before now, Hair Nets were one of the most disposable items on the Dancewear list, and a constant and ongoing expense.

Not anymore!

KySienn Hair Nets last – and here’s why.

KySienn Hair Nets are a quality 5mm nylon Hair Net with edging, which means:

  • KySienn Hair Nets are Strong.
  • KySienn Hair Nets are quite simply the best on the market. The quality of this Hair Net means your customers will get a much longer life out of each Hair Net and will return to you because you sell the best.
  • KySienn Hairnets are Excellent Value.

KySienn Ripple Pins are also extremely popular. They are very durable and have coated ends. Coated ends means no more pulling or ripping of the hair – a common and painful problem with inferior products. They are durable and so will not bend easily.

  • Available in 6cm length. Gold, Light Brown, Brown and Black. 50 and 100 packs.
  • Available in 4.5cm length. Gold, Light Brown, Brown and Black. 50 and 100 packs.

These are just two products from KySienn’s extensive range, where the sales speak for themselves. The dancing community is a word-of-mouth community and the best product discoveries are enthusiastically promoted.


Please explore KySienn’s range of products and accessories – and don’t forget to read the testimonials!

Want to try before you buy? Kysienn is happy to provide a sample pack for testing on those who matter – your customers!

If you would like more information on wholesale pricing, and stocking KySienn products in your Retail shop or Dance School, please do not hesitate to contact myself or apply here.

Thank you!

Paulla Taylor – Founder & Director, KySienn

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