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KySienn has Undergarments and Accessories that will help you glide through your stage perfromances.

STICKiT Body Glue: Unleash Your Confidence on Stage, in Fashion, and Beyond!

Dance & Theatre:

Say goodbye to costume mishaps and hello to seamless performances with STICKiT Body Glue. Specially designed for the demands of the stage, this multi-use body glue ensures that your dance and theatre costumes stay in place, eliminating the hassle of constant adjustments. From leotards and socks to costume accessories, STICKiT keeps everything exactly where it should be. No more wedgies or wardrobe malfunctions! Perfect for body jewellery and glitter, STICKiT is the must-have companion for dancers in Calisthenics, Gymnastics, and Irish Dancing.


Transform your night out with the confidence that STICKiT brings. This versatile body glue is your secret weapon for strapless bras and open-fronted dresses. With STICKiT, you’re in control – choose how much or how little you want to reveal. No need for hold ups or suspenders for silk stockings; STICKiT stops nylon tights from sagging, ensuring your fashion choices stay flawless all night long.

Pharmaceutical & Medical:

STICKiT Body Glue goes beyond the stage and fashion runway, proving its utility in the pharmaceutical and medical realms. For individuals using breast prosthetics, STICKiT provides secure adhesion for enhanced comfort and confidence. Prevent surgical stockings from slipping during daily activities or use STICKiT with anti-embolism support hosiery to prevent Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) during long-haul flights. Trust STICKiT for reliable and discreet support throughout your medical journey.

Key Features:

Secure Hold: STICKiT provides a strong yet gentle hold, ensuring your costumes, fashion choices, and medical accessories stay in place.

Versatility: From dance performances to nights out and medical applications, STICKiT adapts to your diverse needs.

Comfortable and Discreet: Experience a secure hold without sacrificing comfort. STICKiT is discreet and easy to apply, leaving you free to focus on what matters.

No Residue: STICKiT is formulated to leave no sticky residue, making it easy to incorporate into your routine without any mess.

Elevate your confidence and performance with STICKiT Body Glue – your go-to solution for a flawless, secure, and confident experience in dance, fashion, and beyond!

Anotheer reason why KySienn Undergarments and Accessories will help you focus on what matters!

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