ProFitness Ring

A lightweight, flexible ProFitness Ring that provides resistance for your muscles. With two padded handles on either side, it allows you to push-in or squeeze it between different parts of your body. It works very well between thighs, claves, ankles, arms, torso or even between your palms.

Available in pink and blue

KySienn Pro Sport has teamed up with Katrina Carey from Pilates
Unlimited and together we have worked very closely to bring
our incredible ‘Pro Sports’ range to market.
The ProCore Board, ProFitness Ring and ProGliders will help
enhance any dancers/athletes or anyone wanting to improve
their core. These three different pieces of equipment enable
so many different types of exercises for anyone to enjoy – from
beginners to advanced.
Pilates Unlimited is owned and operated by Katrina Carey, a
certified STOTT PILATES instructor who has been teaching
Pilates in Brisbane since 2000. Katrina is an expert on all things
‘core’ and offers this advice for dancers:

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