Makeup Brushes and Accessories

Makeup Brushes and Accessories

KySienn Beauty Blender

What it is:

An edgeless, non-disposable, high-definition cosmetic sponge applicator. When wet applicator enlarges.

What is Does
Smooth and soft sponge for applying dry/wet powder or foundation
Works especially well for hard-to-reach areas to set makeup and create a smooth finish
Can be cleaned with a mild detergent & water, then allow it to dry before reuse
Wet powder puff: It is action on foundation makeup.
You can spread foundation makeup on any place of face.
Material: Eco Polyurethane(non-latex)
Size: About 6cm*4cm
Also available are the KySienn Range of Makeup Brushes, every young dancer loves a pretty set of brushes in their dance bag.

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