KySienn Light Brown Hair Net

Why use KySienn Hairnets?

Why Use KySienn Hairnets?

For anyone who is in the dance community you would know that there is a lot more to dance than just turning up to the rehearsals each week. Where do we start? There is the concerts, the costumes, hair, make up and accessories – just to name a few! And then if your child is learning more than one genre you need to organize each of those for each one. It may at times feel like you live and breath dance! Who are we kidding – you do! So how do you get through it all? We do not have all the answers BUT we do have a great range of products available that can help make the purchasing a lot easier. KySienn is a one stop shop for all your dance accessories. Starting with our famous KySienn hair nets.

Who is KySienn?

KySienn was set up by a dance mum. Someone who lived and breathed dance just like you. KySienn is a high bred of her two daughters names and the reasons she went into business. The business started from scratch with the hair nets and has grown over the years to provide you with so many useful products for your dancing children. KySienn is family owned and operated business that knows what you need and how hard the dance life can be.

Why choose KySienn hair nets?

The KySienn hairnets were the prominent product that started the business. These hairnets have been chosen by the team because they know that they will do the job. They are available in a range of different colours to suit all natural hair colours. Especially red heads.. To make your life easier there is even a colour chart on the website to ensure you are choosing the right one. Not only are you purchasing a great product, you are purchasing from a family owned business. You are helping a fellow dance mum achieve her business dream and be able to further her daughters dancing career. If we could leave this as something along the lines as my dreams, single mum and supporting her family., but not supporting my daughter, as it comes across a bit wankerish lol. Just It is a win win for everyone involved.

All the KySienn hair nets are a 5mm quality nylon which come with a strong elastic edging, making them durable and perfect for holding hair in for the full concert. You can choose to buy a pack of 5 or 10 to suit your needs. Just leave as 5 pack as the wholesale customers can only buy 5. I only sell 10 packs which is 2 x 5 packs.

Where can I buy them?

KySienn accessories are available online, with dispatch usually within 24 hours of your order being received – which means you do not have to wait too long for it to arrive. The accessories are also available in selected stockists as well, if you would like to check them out before buying. I know I am wanting to get more retail customers, although I don’t want to take from my shops, so always promote then first and if not close to a retailer, can go online.

If you haven’t already given the KySienn hair nets a try, now is a perfect time. With dance competitions all over the country starting to heat up, don’t let a loosely held bun stop your child from achieving that perfect routine.

Want to see more? Pop on over to the online store to view the full range. The only problem with purchasing from KySienn is knowing when to stop adding products to your cart

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