KySienn Silver Charlize Crystal Cuff

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This exquisite Hair Cuff designed to elegantly encase your ponytail. The Rhinestone cuff adds a touch of glamour to any high ponytail, making it the perfect accessory for stage performances. With dimensions of 6cm x 1.5cm, it offers a comfortable fit while adding a dazzling sparkle to your look. Ideal for Jazz or Tap performances.

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KySienn Silver Charlize Crystal Cuff.  A versatile accessory that effortlessly elevates your hairstyle with a touch of elegance and sparkle. Designed to gracefully mold around your pony tail. This Hair Cuff features a dazzling Rhinestone cuff that adds a glamorous flair to any high pony tail, ensuring you shine brightly on stage or any special occasion.

Measuring at a perfect size of 6cm x 1.5cm. This Hair Cuff offers a comfortable and secure fit, allowing you to dance and perform with confidence. Its exquisite design makes it ideal for Jazz or Tap performances, where every detail matters to create a captivating look.

Elevate your performance and stand out from the crowd with this beautiful KySienn Silver Charlize Crystal Cuff , guaranteed to add a dazzling finishing touch to your hairstyle. Whether you’re dancing on stage or attending a special event.

To create a flawless pony tail using KySienn Hair Ties, follow these simple steps:

Prepare Your Hair:

Use the KySienn Smoothing Brush to gently pull back your hair into a sleek pony tail.

Secure with KySienn Hair Tie:

Use a KySienn Smooth Hair Tie that matches the color of your hair to secure your pony tail into place.

Finishing Touch:

To tame any flyaways and achieve a polished look. Use the KySienn Tail Comb. This comb is specially designed to glide through your hair smoothly, leaving it sleek and tidy. Use it to gently comb through the surface of your ponytail and smooth out any stray hairs.

Then when completed you can add any Hair cuff to match your costume and dazzle on stage!

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KySienn Silver Charlize Crystal Cuff
KySienn Silver Charlize Crystal Cuff
Weight.020 kg
Dimensions7 × 7 × 1 cm


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