12 x 5cm Purple Bobby Pin

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  • 12 x 5cm Purple Bobby Pin
  • Perfect for matching  to hair pieces

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12 x 5cm Purple Bobby Pin All Day Hold Without the Fall Out Factor.

Bobby pins, also known as hairpins or hair grips, are small, flat clips with a bent open end and a closed end.

Here are four common uses for bobby pins:

Securing Hairstyles:

One of the primary uses of  12 x 5cm Purple Bobby Pin is to secure hairstyles and they are often used to hold hair in place. Whether creating a bun, twist, updo, or any other hairstyle, bobby pins provide stability and keep the hair in the desired shape.

Taming Flyaways:

Bobby pins are useful for taming flyaway hairs or controlling unruly strands. If you have shorter hairs that don’t quite reach your ponytail or bun, you can use bobby pins to secure them in place and create a neater appearance.

Accessory Placement:

They can secure hair accessories like barrettes, decorative pins, or flowers. This allows you to personalize your hairstyle and keep accessories securely in place.

Remember to use bobby pins properly to avoid discomfort or damage to your hair. Bobby pins come in various sizes and colors, making them versatile for different hair types and styles.

When using a bobby pin, it’s important to use it with the correct orientation to ensure a secure hold and comfortable placement. Bobby pins typically have a wavy side and a straight side. Here’s the correct way to use a bobby pin:

Wavy Side Down:

The wavy side of the bobby pin is the side that should be against your scalp or head. This side is designed to grip the hair better and provide more stability.

Straight Side Up:

The straight side of the bobby pin is the side that faces outward.

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