KySienn Accessories

“How it all started!”

Selling KySienn hair nets all started in December 2013. When I sold to 30 Dance friends. When the dancing year started in 2014, and  another 30 friends asked me. Everyone was loving the quality and how they lasted and they were saving loads of money!!

I had a plan to start small, just sell locally and grow it from there. In April 2014, I posted on  “Dance Garage” on Facebook. I was staying with a very good friend at the time. It was Saturday night we had been out to dinner and thought why not put a post up and see where it goes! Not thinking much of it at all. Not even one minute after posting. My phone went “DING!”. We were both so excited, we were jumping around the room after one order. That was at 8pm Saturday night. Well our smile was quickly removed, when my phone kept dinging…. Then we started writing up orders and I was trying to respond to everyone. By nine the next morning I said…” I think I have to go home”, as the orders just kept coming. I rang another very good friend and asked for her help. I was over whelmed by this stage. Her and her mum come over and she put it all onto a spread sheet, her mum made up the orders and I replied to everyone! By 2pm Sunday I had received over 200 orders!

And that is how I instantly went Australia Wide selling KySienn Hair nets and my plan of staying locally was thrown out the window!! I have not looked back and KySienn is constantly changing. I always give the service I would expect, and to this day I have not had one bad word said to me. Thankyou to all my loyal customers. I love you all….

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