Wet Brush Colour Wash Watermark

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The Wet Brush Detangler Hair Brush gently loosens knots, on wet or dry hair, without pulling and snagging. The moment you use it, you’ll feel the differences, never wanting to use another brush again. Exclusive, ultrasoft IntelliFlex bristles glides through tangles on all hair types. Hence, minimising pain and protects against split ends and breakage. This Wet Brush Detangler lets you brush with less force, so you can detangle with less damage to your hair.

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Wet Brush Colour Wash Watermark Detangler Hair Brush, your ultimate solution for effortlessly managing knots and tangles, whether your hair is wet or dry.

These innovative bristles are thin, strong, and incredibly flexible, adapting to your hair’s needs with each stroke. They gently glide through knots without pulling or snagging, ensuring a pain-free detangling process. Say goodbye to tugging, tearing, and hair loss – WetBrush protects your hair from split ends and damage while promoting healthy brushing habits.

The flexibility of the bristles enables effortless detangling on any hair type, making it suitable for everyone in the family. Plus, the bristles bounce back to their original form after each stroke, eliminating hair breakage and discomfort commonly associated with brushing.

But that’s not all – WetBrush goes above and beyond with its SofTips™ feature.  Located at the top of the bristles, SofTips™ massage the scalp, stimulating circulation and promoting healthy hair growth.

Whether you have a sensitive scalp, extensions, or wigs, WetBrush is your go-to solution for pain-free detangling and scalp care. Its versatility allows for use on both wet and dry hair, making it the perfect transition from wash to style.

Experience the difference with Wet Brush Colour Wash Watermark Detangler Hair Brush – because your hair deserves the best care possible.

Weight.125 kg
Dimensions25 × 7.5 × 4.5 cm


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