KySienn Hair Nets Dark Brown 5 Pack

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KySienn Hair Nets are known for their  high quality 5mm nylon net with elastic edging for added strength and durability. A single hair net can be stretched to 30cm in diameter. Perfect for any Dancers Bun.

Colours Available:
– Blonde  suitable for “white” blonde hair only
– Light Brown
– Medium Brown
– Dark Brown
– Black

5 Pack


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KySienn Hair Nets Dark Brown 5 pack and Bun Nets designed with ballerinas in mind, our nets provide the necessary strengh for your dance routines and keep every strand in place. This will allow you to focus on your performance with confidence.

Crafted for the stage, KySienn Hair Nets dark Brown 5 Pack and bun nets deliver a professional finish to your ballet bun. Achieve the neatness required for a polished and refined appearance.

KySienn nets are designed for a secure hold without compromising the comfort required for ballet performances and will last for many perfomances.

Why Choose KySienn for Your Ballet Bun:

KySienn understands the unique needs of ballerinas.  KySienn’s attention to detail ensures that your hairstyle aligns seamlessly with the grace of classical ballet.

KySienn nets are your trusted companions in perfecting the iconic ballerina ballet bun. Tailored for security and elegance. Browse our online store to discover the perfect finishing touch for your hair, and let Kysienn be part of your dance journey.

KySienn is proud to be a part of the vibrant dance community. Join our community of passionate performers who trust Kysienn to add the perfect finishing touch to their dance ensembles.

Why do Ballerinas wear a Ballet Bun?

Ballerinas wear a ballet bun for several practical and aesthetic reasons:

Professional Appearance: The ballet bun is a classic and elegant hairstyle that contributes to a polished and professional appearance. It complements the overall aesthetic of ballet performances, helping dancers look uniform and focused on their artistry.

Visibility: A ballet bun keeps hair off the face, allowing the audience to clearly see the dancer’s expressions and movements. This is crucial for storytelling through dance, as facial expressions play a significant role in conveying emotions and narrative elements.

Prevention of Distractions: Loose hair can be distracting during a performance, both for the dancer and the audience. A securely fastened ballet bun ensures that the dancer’s hair stays in place, minimizing the chances of it becoming a distraction.

Safety: Ballet involves intricate movements, turns, and lifts. Loose hair can get in the way and pose safety hazards, leading to accidents or injuries. A ballet bun keeps the hair secure, reducing the risk of interference during various dance sequences.

Uniformity: Many ballet companies and schools have strict guidelines regarding attire, including hairstyles. Wearing a ballet bun helps achieve uniformity among dancers, creating a cohesive and professional look for the entire ensemble.

The ballet bun is not only a stylistic choice but also a practical necessity in the world of ballet. It ensures a clean and polished appearance, enhances visibility, promotes safety, and aligns with the traditional and disciplined nature of ballet.

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