KySienn Dark Brown Plaited Ponytail Cuff

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KySienn Ponytail Cuff, a convenient solution for achieving a stylish look in no time! Made with high-quality synthetic hair, this wrap creates the illusion of elegantly wrapped plaited hair around your ponytail. Perfect for quick changes during dance performances. Diameter: 10cm/2cm.

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KySienn Dark Brown Plaited Ponytail Cuff, the ultimate accessory to enhance your dance costume effortlessly. Designed for convenience and style, this pony tail wrap is a game-changer, especially during quick costume changes.

Including synthetic hair and a durable rubber band, this Pony Tail Wrap ensures durability. Making it a reliable companion for all your dance performances.

With a diameter of 10cm and a width of 2cm, this Pony Tail Wrap offers optimal coverage and versatility, providing the perfect illusion of hair elegantly wrapped around your pony tail, complete with a stylish plated black finish.

Say goodbye to the hassle of braiding your own hair and hello to effortless elegance with the KySienn Dark Brown Plaited Ponytail Cuff.  Whether you’re preparing for a dance competition or a theatrical performance, this versatile accessory is a must-have for every dancer’s wardrobe.

Creating a Flawless pony tail with KySienn Hair Ties, follow these simple steps:
Prepare Your Hair:

Use the KySienn Smoothing Brush to gently pull back your hair into a sleek pony tail. This brush provides flexibility and firmness for effective brushing without causing damage.

Secure with KySienn Hair Tie:

Once your hair is gathered, use a KySienn Smooth Hair Tie matching your hair color to secure it firmly.

Finishing Touch:

Use the KySienn Tail Comb to tame flyaways and achieve a polished look. Glide through your pony tail to smooth out any stray hairs, leaving it sleek and tidy.

With KySienn Hair Ties and the KySienn Tail Comb, create a flawless ponytail and finish off with placing int a hiar cuff.

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