KySienn Compressed Towel Tablet

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KySienn Compressed Towel Tablet: 10 per pack

Small: 22 x 24cm

Just add water and they will expand, keep in your dance back or hand bag. They wont dry, which is an absolute bonus.

Delicate and soft, skin-friendly and comfortable.

This product is made of cotton spun lace, which is delicate and soft.  It has strong water absorption, wet, natural degradation, environmental protection and low carbon, mild and non-irritating. Suitable for facial cleansing, beauty remover, etc., sensitive skin can also be used or just to clean spills or wipe hands. 

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Introducing the KySienn Compressed Towel Tablet – the ultimate solution for on-the-go freshness and convenience. Our compressed towels offer a revolutionary way to carry a soft and durable towel wherever life takes you.

Key Features:Compact Design: Unfold a world of comfort from a tablet-sized package. Our compressed towels are designed to be ultra-compact, making them perfect for travel, outdoor activities, or any situation where space is a premium.

Instant Activation: With a splash of water, watch as the compressed tablet transforms into a full-sized, soft, and absorbent towel. It’s like magic at your fingertips, providing instant refreshment wherever you are.

Durable and Soft: Don’t let the compact size fool you.  Enjoy the luxury of a full-sized towel in a compact form.

Multi-Purpose Use: Whether you need a quick refresh after a workout, a reliable travel companion, or an emergency cleanup solution, our compressed towels are versatile enough to handle it all. Keep them in your bag, car, or pocket for whenever you need a reliable towel on hand.

How to Use:

Open the Package: Unwrap the compressed towel tablet and lay it flat.

Add Water: Pour a small amount of water onto the tablet. Watch as it quickly expands and unfolds and once expanded, your compressed Towel is ready for use. Enjoy the softness and absorbency of a full-sized towel in a compact form.

Where to Use:

Travel and Outdoor Activities: Ideal for camping, hiking, beach trips, or any outdoor adventure.

Sports and Fitness: Keep one in your gym bag for a quick post-workout refresh.

Everyday Carry: Perfect for your purse, pocket, or glove compartment for unexpected situations.

Embrace the freedom of a compact, reliable towel with KySienn Compressed Towel Tablets. Upgrade your on-the-go experience and make every journey more comfortable and convenient.


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Weight.040 kg
Dimensions10.5 × 2.5 × 2.5 cm


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