KySienn Brown Ripple Pins 6cm 50 Pack

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Ripple Pins that don’t hurt. KySienn’s “U Design” Ripple Pins are specially designed to stop hair pin pain! Perfect for dance and everyday use, and will hold Hair Bun securely, discreetly and effortlessly, without scratching the scalp.
50 per pack / 100 per pack Available

Colours Available:

– Gold
– Light Brown
– Brown
– Black

Sizes Available:
– 4.5cm Pin
– 6cm Pin


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KySienn Brown Ripple Pins 6cm 50 Pack . KySienn’s “U Design” Ripple Pins – the solution to uncomfortable hair pinning! Specifically crafted to eliminate hair pin pain, these innovative ripple pins are perfect for dancers and everyday use alike. They effortlessly secure your hair bun without scratching the scalp, providing both comfort and reliability.

Pain-Free Design:

KySienn Brown Ripple Pins 6cm 50 Pack are uniquely engineered to prevent discomfort and pain associated with traditional hairpins. Say goodbye to scalp scratching and hello to a pain-free hair styling experience.

Ideal for Dance and Daily Wear:

Whether you’re a dancer preparing for a performance or someone looking for a comfortable everyday hair styling solution, these ripple pins are versatile and perfect for various occasions.

Secure, Discreet, and Effortless:

Achieve a secure and discreet hair bun effortlessly. The ripple design enhances grip and stability, ensuring your bun stays in place throughout your activities.

Pack Options:

KySienn offers flexibility with two pack sizes to meet your needs – choose between a pack of 50 or 100 ripple pins. Have an ample supply for frequent use or share them with friends and teammates.

Color Choices:

Express your style with a range of colors. KySienn’s “U Design” Ripple Pins are available in Gold, Light Brown, Brown, and Black. Match your hair color or create a contrasting look – the choice is yours.

Two Sizes for Versatility:

Tailor your bun to perfection with two available pin sizes – 4.5cm and 6cm. Whether you prefer a sleek and compact bun or a more voluminous style, KySienn has you covered.

Upgrade your hair styling experience with KySienn’s “U Design” Ripple Pins – the pain-free solution for secure and stylish buns. Choose your preferred color and size, and enjoy the freedom to create beautiful hairstyles without the discomfort of traditional pins.

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