Dateline Professional 400 Blue Celcon Styling Comb

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Dateline Professional Blue Celcon 400 Styling Comb – offering professional performance at a fraction of the cost! This heat-resistant comb features super-smooth teeth to prevent snagging or pulling, while its fine and wide teeth provide versatility for precise styling and creating texture. Experience professional-grade styling without breaking the bank.


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Dateline Professional 400 Blue Celcon Styling Comb – the ultimate tool for professional styling without breaking the bank! Crafted with precision, this heat-resistant comb offers exceptional performance at an affordable price point.

Featuring super-smooth teeth, this comb ensures a snag-free and gentle experience, minimizing pulling and breakage. Whether you’re working with wet or dry hair, its strong and flexible design allows for effortless styling without compromising on durability.

With both fine and wide teeth, this comb offers versatility for various styling techniques. Whether you’re looking to create precise styles or add texture to your hair, the Blue Celcon Styling Comb delivers exceptional results every time.

Experience professional-grade styling at a fraction of the cost with the Dateline Professional 400 Blue Celcon Styling Comb. Elevate your hairstyling game with ease and confidence!

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Dimensions25 × 8 × .05 cm


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