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Bringing you the best quality dance and sports accessories with good old fashioned customer service.

As a Mum to a Dancer myself I was tired of buying expensive Hair Nets that did not last, so I started researching for a better-quality p

roduct. I shared my findings with my dance friends and, as word got out, my business started to grow. From experience, I understand that high quality Hair Nets, pins and hair accessories aren’t just about looking good (which they do) but about saving us Dance Mum’s (and Dad’s) money!

From the humble Hair Net, back in the beginning, to a wide range of accessories and products today, KySienn has evolved due to the continued positive feedback and support from Dance Schools and Dance Shops.

Today, KySienn is a much loved and trusted brand Australia-wide for all your dance and sport accessories. But don’t just trust me – read the testimonials. The best judges are the ones that use them.

Quality products at their performance best!

Paulla Iannacone

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