Bun/Ripple Pins and Bobby Pins

Ripple/Bobby Pins

Ripple Pins that don’t hurt. KySienn’s “U Design” Ripple Pins are specially designed to stop hair pin pain! Perfect for dance and everyday use, and will hold Hair Bun securely, discreetly and effortlessly, without scratching the scalp.

50 per pack / 100 per pack Available

Colours Available:

– Gold
– Light Brown
– Brown
– Black

Sizes Available:
– 4.5cm Pin
– 6cm Pin

To use KySienn Ripple Pins, once hair is place in a pony tail with KySienn Hair Ties, twist hair into a bun and  secured with  KySienn Hair Tie, secure pins at 12,3,6 and 9 O’clock, then also place extra pins in.

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