Makeup Removers

8 x 16” reusable cloth Makeup Removers which removes all traces of makeup including mascara and eyeliner. Dampen the cloth with water and remove makeup. Comes with its own wet bag for storage. Perfect for your eisteddfod or concert bag. KySienn Makeup Remover is perfect for any dancer, or mum on the run or has allergies to liquid removers.  A must have!

– 8 x 16 inch

Colours Available:
– Purple
– Pink
– Blue

Why we choose Kysienn makeup remover?

A dance day is a long day. There are so many aspects of the day to think about. What time you need to be there, the number of dances that your children will be a part of, the costumes, food, make up and hair – just to name a few! It is a jam packed day and there is something happening at every moment of it. So, when you find a product that makes life just that little bit easier – you have to jump on it right?

That is why we love the KySienn Make Up Remover!

What is it?

The Kysienn Make Up Remover is the number one reusable make up remover. The make up eraser is a simple to use system that only involves adding water to the cloth in order to remove the make up – no nasty chemicals or additives like with many liquid removers. It is 100% machine washable and can last you between 3-5 years, which means you will be saving a LOT of money on not having to buy make up removers.


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