Hair Cuffs and Pony Wraps

Hair Cuffs and Pony Wraps

  • 100% High Quality
  • Material: Synthetic Hair And Rubber Band
  • Diameter: 7cm/2.73”
  • Creates illusion of hair wrapped around a ponytail

How to make a ponytail using KySienn Hair Ties. Firstly pull back hair into a pony tail using the KySienn Smoothing Brush, use a KySienn Smooth Hair Tie matching the colour of your hair to hold your ponytail. To finish off and get rid of any fly a ways, use the KySienn Tail Comb.

To continue to make a ballet bun, twist hair  and coil hair around making a flat circle. The  pin with KySienn Ripple pins at 12,3,6,9 O’clock and adding extra pins to secure pins. Finish Ballet Bun with a KySienn Hair Net.

To add some dazzle and bling to stage then add any KySienn hair cuff or KySienn pony tail wrap

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